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PHP Programming

PHP MCQ Online Questions and Answers : PHP is the popular server-side scripting language. Knowledge of PHP language is now essential for dynamic web page development.

PHP can be used to generate dynamic web pages (i.e hundreds of different page contents using same template file) that helps us to edit, update and manange a bunch of web pages from a single master page. PHP can also handle files located on the server. Database (e.g MySql) records can also be read or updated using PHP code. Apart from that PHP can also be used to enhance online security by encrypting data. To revise the topic of PHP, please go through the selected list of important mcq questions on PHP with answer and practice them for your exams or interview.

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Here you will find a list of common important questions on php programming in MCQ quiz style with answer for competitive exams and interviews. These frequently asked sample questions on PHP are given with correct choice of answer that you can check instantly. Presently we have added total 2 sets of questions on php programming for you to practice. We will keep adding more questions and provide this question bank in PDF format, so that you can download them instantly in E-book style.

Following section consists of some important multiple choice questions (mcq) on php programming Web Designing with answers.


PHP Stands for?

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PHP is an example of ___________ scripting language.

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Who is known as the father of PHP?

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Which of the following is not true?

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PHP scripts are enclosed within _______

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