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Social Studies for Upper Primary TET

The Social Studies portion of TET is for the candidates opted to become teacher on Social Studies/Social Sciences. The broad topics from which questions are set in this paper includes - History, Geography and Social and Political Life.

History : Earliest Societies, Cities, Empire, Contacts with Distant lands, Kings and Kingdoms, Sultans of Delhi, Famous Architecture, Regional Cultures, Revolt, Women and reform, etc.

Geography : Geography as a social study and as a science, Planet and Earth in the solar system, Globe, natural and human environment, Air, Water, Human Environment (settlement, transport and communication), Types of Resources (Natural and Human), Agriculture, etc.

Social and Political Life : Diversity, Government, Local Government, Making a Living, Democracy, State Government, Understanding Media, Unpacking Gender, The Constitution, Parliamentary Government, The Judiciary, Social Justice and the Marginalised, etc.

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