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General Science for Competitive Exams

General Science for Competitive Exams: In competitive exams, general knowledge is an important part. Again, in general knowledge section there are a good number of question on General Science. Keeping in view of this, we provide you selected general knowledge questions and answers on General Science (day-to-day Science, Physical Science and Biological Science).

Strategy for General Science in different Competitive Exams : It has been observed that many questions are repeated in several exams and they become common questions on General Science Section. Same is also true for specific branches of science questions (physics, chemistry or biology) that are being asked in different competitive exams and entrance tests. As such we always try to present questions from different competitive exams after analysing them. The questions on general science section, that have been asked in real competitive examinations like - SSC(CGL), Rail (RRB) technical or non-technical (NTPC) exams, Bank (IBPS), PSC, UPSC (IAS), different entrance tests are also uploaded here regularly for your clear understanding and idea.

General Science MCQ in PDF Format : You can compile these MCQ sets in a MS Word File or PDF file for future study. Also we will present a comprehensive collection of Science GK questions with answer for different competitive examination in PDF file in future for instant download.

Sample Science Questions

Q1. The apparent depth of a coin inside water tub decreases due to A. Refraction of light B. Reflection of light C. Total internal reflection D. Dispersion of light Show Answer →

Q2. Haematite is an ore of A. Aluminium B. Iron C. Zinc D. Mercury Show Answer →

Q3. According to Arrhenius NaOH is a base because : A. It has a bitter taste B. It can neutralize acid C. It turns red litmus paper blue D. It gives OH- ions in water Show Answer →

Q4. Blood clotting is because of A. Fibrin B. Thrombin C. Thromboplastin D. All of above Show Answer →

Q5. Green plants make food by A. Photo-oxidation B. Photorespiration C. Photosynthesis D. Photolysis Show Answer →

General Science solved Question Answers for Competitive Exams - like SSC(CGL), Rail (RRB) Technical and Non-technical (NTPC) exams, Bank (IBPS), Bank Clerk, PSC, CTET, UPSC (IAS), Police, Army, LIC, recruitment examinations.

Please go through the mcq sets on general science provided here at Exam Tiger. If you want to increase your general knowledge on science, then also have a look on science parts of other competitive exams for government jobs on the solved old questions papers that we post regularly for solid practice and preparations.